Wae Rebo Traditional Village, Flores

Early Morning in the Village

Early Morning

Village Chief With His 93-Year-Old Mother & Son 

Village Elder

Greeting the Day

Dense Afternoon Fog

Morning Fog

Tana Toraja Region, South Sulawesi

Traditional Houses & Rice Fields

Traditional Houses & Rice Fields

The scene shows graves chiseled Into the cliff wall with bamboo statues representing family members in front. The small buildings are "houses without kitchens" where the deceased rest for weeks up to years on their journey to the afterlife. The bodies are eventually moved into the family graves in the wall. 

Close-up of the cliff wall. Some statues have their arms extended in welcome. Family members visit their relatives, who continue to play an important  role in their lives. 

Statues Representing Family Members

Burial Site in the Jungle

Homestay Grounds

Homestay Grounds

Rammang Rammang, South Sulawesi

Rice Threshing

Ubud, Bali

Break Time from Prepping for a Festival at the Puri Saren Agung Palace, Ubud

Young Dancers Practicing for a Festival

Daily Offering

Puri Saren Agung Palace, Ubud