After an early career in social work, I became an instructional designer, working mainly in the sciences. I have an art background as well and have done various forms of artwork throughout my life, focusing on photography in recent years. I am now retired and take on freelance projects from time to time.    

Open Studios Event at the Avalon, 2020

I have always been drawn to color and shape—and abstract art in general—which has led me to seek out patterns in subjects as varied as flowers, bricks, and old equipment. This makes macro/close-up photography a natural fit. That sensibility also informs the subjects that I enjoy shooting when hiking in the mountains and desert, and exploring different cultures and countries. 
Taking the photograph is the first step in my process, the point of departure. I spend considerable time processing my images, drawing out the key elements that will make them dynamic, vibrant, interesting, and compelling. I regard my images as canvases filled with elements that I can manipulate, be it by adjusting colors, duplicating pieces, or moving things around. Some of my images bear a strong resemblance to the original while others are quite abstracted.
Note: All of my images are for sale in various sizes, either matted or framed. Please contact me through the Contact page for pricing information.

I spent most of my career working at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (aka National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, CO. I worked with scientists to produce online educational programs about weather and climate for an international audience of university students and faculty, forecasters, and other scientists.  
The most fascinating part of my job was co-leading the African Satellite Meteorology Education & Training (ASMET) project. For 21 years, I guided African meteorology instructors in developing online educational programs aimed at improving weather forecasting on the continent. I made numerous trips to their training institutes in Kenya, Niger, South Africa,  La Réunion, and Morocco, which fed my interest in different cultures and love of travel. 

I have created user interfaces and graphics for online educational programs, and promotional materials for non-profit organizations.

Art in the Time of COVID