Light in the Face of Darkness: Praying at Auschwitz

Several years ago, I had the profound experience of visiting Auschwitz. We had just left the Birkenau section of the camp when I realized that I wasn't ready to go, that I needed more time to absorb the experience. Upon reentering, we encountered this group of orthodox Jewish men. We greeted each other quietly and ended up walking together, alternating between periods of silence, prayer, and song. The experience was deeply moving and helped me feel more anchored in this most disturbing of places. In the photo, we are at the site of the "ramps" where the Nazis decided which of the new arrivals would be killed immediately (80%) or become slave labor. 
After I took the photo, I converted it to black and white, keeping the people in (muted) color as a way of affirming Jewish spirit and life in the face of evil. Finally, I applied a sepia tone and stained border to give it an aged look.
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